Rolex spokesperson Wang Yujia piano solo concert debut National Grand Theater

September 2, 2016, the world rolex replica uk leader replica watches spokesperson, outstanding young pianist Wang Yujia in the National Theater held piano solo concert for the audience presented composer Scrippe Bin, Chopin, Beethoven and other music masters Masterpiece. Wang Yujia well versed in a variety of style, from classical music to romanticism, by virtue of replica watches uk transcendental techniques and unique understanding of the music on the stage knocked out the graceful and Smart beautiful movement. Rolex spokesperson Wang Yujia piano solo concert debut National Grand Theater International pianist Wang Yujia from the 6-year-old contact with the piano, at the age of 15 in the Aspen Music Festival (Aspen MusicFestival) concerto game to win, which she was Philadelphia Curtis Academy of Music (Curtis Institute of Music in Philadelphia) before admission A great achievement. In 2007, Wang Yujia and the Boston Symphony Orchestra ensemble Tchaikovsky's No. 1 piano concerto, a new breakthrough in the music industry, and therefore renowned international. Wang Yujia master of the tracks are numerous, superb piano attain their disdain, so that the world's classical music lovers drunk. Since 2009, Wang Yujia became Rolex spokesperson. In 2015, Wang Yujia was invited to become the National Grand Theater 2016/17 season "resident artist", and in August this year in the National Grand Theater on stage performances "Wang Yujia and her friends concert" and the National Theater Orchestra concert. And the piano solo concert is also Wang Yujia "resident plan" in an important part. Speaking of this cooperation, Wang Yujia said: "The resident artist project brings me an opportunity for artistic creation and gives me a better understanding of the local artists and the audience during the cooperation. I really like to be able to stay in a certain period of time In a place, and with the musicians and many collaborators here to start more exchanges.This cooperation and cooperation can produce more inspiration, collision out more imagination, and every step of my art journey can be more rich This imagination and creativity. " Adhering to the brand tradition, carry forward the brand value, Rolex has been committed to sponsoring the world's outstanding artists and cultural activities, and actively assist its achievements excellence. Rolex to accompany them to witness life every important moment, but also become an indispensable time in their life partner. Many artists who embrace the Rolex watch are the ultimate symbol of outstanding performance and outstanding achievements, and Rolex together to write perfect and excellent music. Rolex and Art Rolex has always been an important driving force behind the best art events, artists, art projects and activities. Rolex seeks to be as passionate as its brand, and strive for precision and pursuit of success partners. Therefore, Rolex and the arts can be described as a matter of course. Rolex and the cooperation of the arts can be traced back to the 1970s. At that time, New Zealand soprano Dillie Kiri Te Kanawa opened the long-term cooperation between Rolex and the art world. Over the years, Rolex's support for art has expanded to many outstanding artists in various fields. In the field of vocal music, Rolex's spokesperson includes the famous Spanish tenor singer Plácido Domingo, the Italian baritone singer Cecilia Pato, who has over 30 years of cooperation with the brand. (Cecilia Bartoli), the German tenor singer Jonas Kaufmann (Jonas Kaufmann), the Peruvian tenor Juan Diego Fei Ruizi (Juan Diego Flórez) and the British male sunglasses singer Bryn Terfel. In addition, Rolex also with the Venezuelan conductor Gustavo Dudamel (Gustavo Dudamel) established a close cooperative relationship. As a globally recognized first-class orchestra, the Los Angeles Philharmonic, played by Dudermeer as a music conductor, was also sponsored by Rolex. Rolex spokesperson Wang Yujia piano solo concert debut National Grand Theater In the field of modern music, Rolex and many well-known pop artists to maintain a stable relationship, including the Grammy Award winner, Canadian jazz singer Michael Bray (Michael Bublé) and India's Sintarian musician and composer Arnold Anoushka Shankar. In addition to supporting artists, Rolex also understands the importance of building relationships with prestigious art groups such as the enchanting Teatro alla Scala, the historic Royal Opera House, And in September 2014 to support the prestigious National Opera House (Opéra National de Paris); also supports the world-famous New York Metropolitan Opera (MetropolitanOpera). At the same time, Rolex full support for the popular Salzburg Festival (Salzburg Festival) and the famous Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra (Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra). Now, Rolex's support for art has extended to Asia and has become a special watch for the National Center for the Performing Arts. In May of this year, under the support of Rolex's achievements, George Soleti College (GeorgSoltiAccademia) came to China for the first time, and co-sponsored the "Sarti Chinese Master Class" with China National Grand Theater. Master class invited to George Solti Accademia (Georg Solti Accademia) Artistic Director Jonathan Pabo, vocal guide Colratina Caporello and the internationally renowned soprano singer Barbara Furitoli co-taught, To help China's outstanding young artists in the pursuit of art on the road to excellence. At the same time, Rolex also through a number of sponsorship projects to help young artists to give full play to their artistic potential, such as by Mr. Placido Domingo founded the annual world opera vocal competition Operalia, as well as Rolex creative recommendation program (Rolex Mentor and Protégé Arts Initiative, which aims to explore talented young artists from around the world for a one-year collaboration with art masters and a one-on-one guidance during this period. Adhering to the spirit of Mr. Wilsdorf, founder of the brand, Rolex has always been active in the field of art, spare no effort to support those with the brand to share common values, relentless pursuit of excellence and excellence of outstanding talent and institutions. This support will be conducive to the inheritance of art heritage, and for the rest of the world's cultural undertakings to make a unique and lasting contribution to excellence.