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Perthshires Premier Paintballing Venue

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When you arrive at A.K Paintball you will be kitted out with camouflage coveralls, Proto full face and ear goggles, Battle Pack with 4 ammo Pods, Team identification armband, gloves and finally your Semi-Automatic Paintball Gun with 200 shot hopper.

Body armour vests are available, or if our team think it may be necessary.

All the issued equipment is the same (so no unfair advantages), & with constant maintenance you can be sure the equipment is up to the job.

As with all sites around the UK we have a purpose built service area, known as the 'Safe Zone' which includes the reception, equipment issue area, briefing area & refreshment stall. Seating and tables are provided for that little breather in-between games or settling down to enjoy lunch

With parking (up to 20 cars) adjacent to the safe zone there is no long walks into the site.

Oh ,we also have WC's on site so you don't have to do what the bears do!

Game Scenarios. Fuel Strike. Paint your Wagon. The Two Towers. Barrel Burst. The Village of the Damned.

Here at A.K Paintball all our games are objective driven, with each game being versatile enough for team building scenarios or basic shoot ' em ups.

You will always be under the supervision of our excellent site staff, who will provide all the assistance and know-how to ensure your session with us is exciting, but above all safe.

Can you and your team retrieve the vital fuel cells from the heavily defended enemy depot. This is a real teamwork based game of communication, determination and skill.

This wild west outpost scenario is great, can you and your team defend the mine from marauding raiders and survive...well can you?.

A head on battle with the other team to claim the field of combat. This game allows for multi-tactical approaches, from stealth and cunning to outright go for it manoeuvres.

Enter the village and complete your objective. Sounds easy...but the natives have turned nasty and are determined to makes sure you never leave.

No, not the second part to Lord of the Rings, but a huge game zone where you have to infiltrate the oppositions tower and raise your teams flag. Lots of cover and fantastic terrain make this a brilliant game to play.

Please see our gallery page for pictures from our game zones.

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